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Friday in Review: June Monthly Wrap Up

Hello all! We have just two more days (not including today haha) of June!! :O I cannot believe that we are halfway through the year... like this year just feels like it went by so quickly. I know I say that  every year but this one has been different. It just went by in a snap. June Writing:  June was a big month for me. I did so many writerly things. I started my own website which you can find at , have been working a ton on my newsletter and Dragon Hearted. I started a Facebook group for readers and writers (something I've wanted to do for a long time) which you can find  Here . During the month of June I also wrote a new book. I really thought The Lost One was "the one." The next one I was going to publish... and then I got through the read through and took a break from it and have felt no motivation to go back to it. My excitement and passion for the book and the series died out completely and I realized I needed to work on something else

Guest Post: Writing Process by Olivia H

Happy Wednesday everyone!! So before I get into the guest post by the awesome Olivia, I have some exciting news. I officially have an author site. I've been working on it for a few weeks now (for the most of June actually haha) and just the other day bought the domain and site and its now live! Like I've said before, I plan to keep this blog (I love it too much to give it up) but I wanted something a bit more professional and official to point people to so here it is! It would mean a lot if you'd check it out:  Melody Personette Author Site Now onto Olivia's post about her writing process! ~~~~~ I have been invited by Melody Personette to break down my writing progress, and I am so honored to be here. I don’t want to take up your time with a lengthy introduction, though, so let’s get to it. Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash  Getting Ideas Before beginning to outline or write any story, a person needs an idea. Without one, there would be no reason to star

Friday in Review: Fictional Vacation/Would you Rather

Happy Friday! So, they awesome Lily Cat tagged me in this fictional vacation/would you rather challenge and I am so excited to do this. It sounds so fun! Alright so here's the deal:   ~ Include the graphic  Madeline  made. ~ Answer the Questions  ~ Tag some other people if you feel so inclined Let's jump right into this!  Would you rather...  Train with demigods for the summer at Camp Halfblood OR attend Hogwarts to learn some spells for a semester? These movies were a disgrace to the books buuut I needed a gif so here you go haha How is this even a question? ;) Camp Halfblood of course! I adore the Percy Jackson series, so I would do just about anything to be a halfblood for the Summer. The real question is, who would my parent be?? My enneagram four side who loves being special and different wants me to be a kid of one of the big three... maybe Hades just to make myself extra special and unique from everyone else ;) But most likely I'd en

Pre-First Draft Planning for Pantsers

Happy Wednesday all! So at last I am getting to the posts for pantsers I had wanted to write! I'm so excited about this post and I hope this is helpful to you guys! Before I jump into the post though I have three announcements! First, if you sign up for my newsletter now you'll get my whole collection of fantastical short stories, Of Magic and Mayhem. You can sign up for that here: Second of all, I started a Facebook group! I had wanted to do this for a long time but just didn't have the guts to do it. A Facebook group can be a big thing to manage, but right now it's not too bad. So if you're interested in becoming a part of my Dreamer group you can check it out here: And last but not least, I am gearing up to publish a real website with my own domain and everything!! I've decided to use Wordpress and have been designing it and getting it all ready over the past week. It's not published, I haven't even bought the domain or anything yet but I'

Calling All Dreamers!

Happy Monday everyone! I know I don't usually post on Mondays but I have something exciting to share with you all. I started a Facebook group for writers and readers! Every weekday I'll be posting a prompt to stir up discussion about everything from writing, to what everyone is currently reading to fangirling (or fanboying) over our fave fandoms! This is something I've been thinking about and considering for a while so I'm excited to take the leap and start building this community! Here's the link: Also! If you sign up for my newsletter you'll also get my YA short story collection, Of Magic and Mayhem for free! Subscribe and get a free short story collection! * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Email Format html text One more thing too! I'm working on a new website. I do plan to keep this blog because I'm too sentimental to get rid of it

Friday in Review: YA Books as Hogwarts Houses

Happy Friday! Hallelujah for that! This week has been physically and mentally exhausting for me. I was up and out the door by 7:45 every morning and didn't get back till almost 4 every evening since I've been helping with the huge VBS camp thing my church does. There were fun moments and sweet times getting to watch the littlest ones and honestly it reminded me how much I missed when my little brothers were, well, littler and liked to snuggle and had loveys and all that fun stuff. But... I am so tired. Hence the small, simple post today. I wanted to put something bookish up today but I definitely do not have the mental capacity to write a book review. So instead, I give you my sorting of YA books as Hogwarts Houses. Please don't judge my sorting skills. I'm doing this while being super tired and possibly not thinking totally straight. But if anything I hope this post is fun and makes you smile. Let me know in the comments what books you would sort into each house. Sl

Guest Post: Writing Fiction that Impacts

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday! So I know I keep promising a whole series of posts on pantsters and its still going to happen... I just totally forgot that this week was going to be crazy. I'm helping at my church's VBS pretty much all day from Monday to Friday so I didn't get around to writing a post. So when I saw that Kara Linaburg was doing a blog tour I thought it would not only be fun to help her promote her upcoming book but also share a post of hers on here. So without further ado here is Kara: Writing is like breathing to me. I don’t remember a time I didn’t do it. I have blogged for 7+ years on Beautifully Broken, in what has been some of the best writing lessons of my life, and now with the release of my YA novel The Broken Prince, I long to reach an even wider audience. But what does it mean as an author to write not only good fiction, but fiction that impacts? I am by no means a professional author, but I enjoy good books and reading a wide-rang

Five Tips for Getting in the Writing Mood

Happy June everyone!! I am both excited and a little anxious for this month... Excited because the twenty one pilots concert is at the end of the month and because my college class starts at the end of the month too (while also being a little anxious about it as well haha). Honestly, I don't know why I'm feeling a little off about this month... Maybe just cuz it feels like there's going to be a lot going on... I have an over the phone adviser meeting tomorrow and am helping at my church's VBS from 8 to 3 Monday through Friday next week. It'll be good but it's still a little daunting to think about :o But anyways! There's been this weird trend going on right now in my life. Just in the past week I've watched several live videos and authortube videos and read blog posts (most all of them about pantsers or having to do with pantsers in some way) and they all have included, well, pantser stuff but also how to stay in a writing mood. No one has mentioned h