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Friday in Review: Fictional Vacation/Would you Rather

Happy Friday! So, they awesome Lily Cat tagged me in this fictional vacation/would you rather challenge and I am so excited to do this. It sounds so fun!

Alright so here's the deal:

 ~ Include the graphic Madeline made.

~ Answer the Questions 

~ Tag some other people if you feel so inclined

Let's jump right into this! 

Would you rather... 

Train with demigods for the summer at Camp Halfblood OR attend Hogwarts to learn some spells for a semester?
These movies were a disgrace to the books buuut I needed a gif so here you go haha

How is this even a question? ;) Camp Halfblood of course! I adore the Percy Jackson series, so I would do just about anything to be a halfblood for the Summer. The real question is, who would my parent be?? My enneagram four side who loves being special and different wants me to be a kid of one of the big three... maybe Hades just to make myself extra special and unique from everyone else ;) But most likely I'd end up being like a Posiedon kid... or if we're being real probably Apollo cuz I'm a writer and all that, even though I suck at poetry and music though I guess that would make me a special Apollo kid. The only one who isn't good at music or poems... or medicine.

Go on an epic quest through the lands of Middle Earth OR be crowned a king or queen for your bravery in Narnia?
Mr. Tumnus was one of my favorite characters in the first movie 

Again, how is this a question? ;) Narnia for sure! One of my dreams as a kid was to find the wardrobe leading to Narnia.

Fly with Peter and his Lost Boys in Neverland OR have a crazy tea party with the Mad Hatter in Wonderland?

Oooh now this one is harder... I'd like to fly with Peter and hang with the Lost Boys but... I think at the end of the day I'd go with Wonderland. But only if I can have a tea party with either the Johnny Depp or Sebastian Stan Mad Hatter haha 

Get trapped in the world of Jumanji OR be forced to dress up and attend a party at the Capitol of Panem?

I'm still not sure which one I chose so I just decided to go with a Jumanji gif for this one haha

Ok now this one is a more of a negative would you rather. The kind where you have to pick the lesser of two bad situations. I love the movie Jumanji but even the thought of being stuck in that world scares me. Like seriously my friend has the game of Jumanji and I was for real hesitant to even play it! That movie got in my head in a big way haha But also... I don't know if I could deal in Panem. That is it's own brand of whackiness and danger. I guess my thing is, I would choose Panem if I was at the party of my own free will. Like if I was from one of the wealthy families and was invited. Then yes, I would go. But if I was a tribute? I'd rather die playing the game of Jumanji then be forced to go to a Panem party as a tribute cuz then that means I'd die in the arena and... I'd rather not do that. So take from that answer what you will haha 

Sample all of the candy you’d like at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory OR have a nice stroll with Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood?

This one is hard too!! I'd want to go and eat all the candy at the chocolate factory but also... a lot of that candy has bad side effects so I think I'd be better off hanging with Pooh and his friends in the Hundred Acre Woods. Sounds more peaceful and chill. 

Head out on a gold-hunting expedition to El Dorado OR hop in a submarine and explore the lost city of Atlantis?
I seriously love this movie! There are too many gifs from it to choose from haha

Oh sheesh, you're going to make me choose between El Dorado and Atlantis?? But how?? Those are two of my favorite movies!! Like... I want to do both. I want to con my way into El Dorado with Miguel and Tulio, but also like... I'd love to see Atlantis. But I think I'd have to go with Lily Cat on this one. Submarines? *shutters* Not my thing. So, El Dorado it is! 

Skip through the merry town of Oz OR have a nice walk through the kingdom of Camelot?

I love this show so much 😍

Camelot hands down!! I've always, always loves the Arthurian legends. I would die if I got to meet Merlin and Arthur and Gwen and Morgan and Mordred and all of them. Bonus points if they're the characters from the show Merlin. 

Get sucked into the world of Fantastica and go on an epic journey with Bastian OR get sucked into the Inkworld and travel the land with Meggie and her friends?

Alright, anyone in the comments willing to clue me in on what Fantastica is? I do know Inkworld (I read the book years ago and loved the movie) so I guess out of default and because it would be pretty cool, I'd go with the Inkworld. 

This was so fun!! Though I have to admit, I think I over thought a few of these questions... but I mean these are serious questions! You need to think of every variable. ;) Thanks for the tag Lily Cat!

I tag: 

If I haven't tagged you and you want to be a part of it as well, feel free to snag Madeline's graphic and do the question! 

What did you think of my answers? Isn't this a fun tag??


  1. Yay, thanks for the tag! This looks like a lot of fun!

    (Wait. Sebastian Stan played a Mad Hatter??? In what???? I must see this!)

    1. No problem! He played the Mad Hatter in the show Once Upon A Time. An entire episode in the first season is pretty much devoted to him. :)

  2. Ohh, yay!! You did it!! ^^

    Your answers were all so similar to mine!! xD Plus, I tried to overthink the questions as well, but just kept them short and sweet. Haha.

    YESS, what on EARTH is Fantastica??? I'm curious. LOL

    Aww, you're welcome!! I thought you'd enjoy doing it! ;)

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

    1. I know! I guess we think alike ;) Yaaa with the Jumanji/Panem one I majorly overthought that one haha

      I'll have to look up fantastica and see what it is cuz I've never heard of it before!

  3. oh what a fun tag! Love pooh bear ;) Thanks ;)

  4. Thank you for tagging me for this! This tag rules! Fantastica is from the Neverending Story. It’s a very quirky world lol. The movie scared me as a kid so I have bias toward it lol.


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