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Monthly Wrap-Up: February

So this post is a little late in the day but I wanted to get this done before March 1st, plus on Instagram the prompt for today is a monthly wrap up so I figured I should have this one up to point people to. Anyways let's get to it. February Writing: February writing-wise was great. Like I got so much done and have felt so productive and inspired with my writing! I printed out Second Star, read through the whole thing and am now starting the last round of macro edits before I start on micro edits which is super exciting! This is going better and faster than I thought it would and honestly, when I wrote this story I didn't think it would mean what it does to me. I didn't think it would get this far even within my own mind and my writing process or that the story would evolve and grow so much. It's been really amazing to watch. I also started a new WIP. For a while I thought King of Hearts would be the next big WIP that I got into and would put through the entire proc

Hunter's Heritage Chapters 18 and 19

I know I missed last weeks post on Wattpad, but I made to update Hunter's Heritage today. One of my new favorite characters in book 2 is in these chapters and I loved writing him! Actually these two chapters were the ones that got me through the first half of the book. I anxiously waited to get to write them and when I did, I had a blast, so I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Sebastian and Jonas were both ridged at her side as well. “You must be Emilio,” Sebastian said, his voice low and predatory. Emilio quirked an eyebrow, smirking up at him. He swished a glass of red stuff – Tabitha assumed it was blood – in his hand. “I must be. What can I do you for?” “We’re here for information,” Tabitha said, stepping forward. She folded her arms not only to keep her hands from reaching for the nearest pointy thing but also to keep a physical barrier between herself and this devilish vampire. He took a sip of his drink, slowly, lazily never taking his

Friday in Review: Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

So I started Fawkes at the end of December and finished it in the beginning of January. I don't know what took me so long to read this book! Like I heard so many great things about it and it was all over bookstagram (a big indication that a book is good), but I guess I just was too busy reading other books to get into that one. I wish I'd read it sooner because I seriously loved it so much! One of the reasons I got so into it and loved it so much is because I've never read a book like it before. Sure, I've read historical fiction and time travel books that mixes scifi or fantasy with history, but never anything like this. It blew me away! The best way I can think to explain the setting and where the book is held as a whole is like an alternate England in the early 1600's. Nadine Brandes was (and is) a genius in the fact that she took a real life event and turned into a fantastical reality. I had no idea Guy Fawkes was a real person until I looked into the book a

Four Tips to Survive Proofreading

I wanted to write an actual post about some things that have been on my mind but this week has been pretty busy and tiring so I didn't get around to that. But because I want to keep a good rhythm for this blog going, I did manage this post... yet another list. This is something I've wanted to talk about anyways since I'm in the middle of proofreading a draft of my Peter Pan retelling/continuation. Proofreading is my least favorite part of the writing process. It's fun to print the book out and I like the idea (or more aesthetic I suppose) of sitting and reading through my draft and marking it up with a cup of tea next to me but in reality... its not as fun to me. Like at all. It's a total drag. So this post is for all of those who don't find it fun to read through a draft you've combed through at least ten times already. Here are four tips to help you get through the proofreading process without giving up or falling apart. I can't guarantee it'll ma

Friday in Review: Five Fave Book OTP's

Happy day after Valentines Day! I hope you had a good day with lots of chocolate! To celebrate, I want to talk about my favorite bookish OTP's. Last February I talked about my favorite TV show couples, so I figured I should mix things up and talk books this year. So here are five of my favorite bookish couples: Percabeth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). They were one of the first OTP's I ever shipped. Percy and Annabeth were and always will be the best couple ever.  Solara and Doran from Starflight. They will always be one of my favorite couples. I love that book so much and wish Melissa Landers would write more of them. I am excited for her new fantasy series she's working on right now though.  Scarlet and Wolf (and pretty much every other pairing in the Lunar Chronicles series cuz I love them all. I love Scarlet and Wolf the most, but I also love Cinder and Kai, Cress and Thorne and Jacin. They all are just the best.  Evie and Luc from The Darkest Star

Five Fave Romance Books

Ta-Da! Check out my beautiful new blog look! It took me a few hours the other day but I finally got it the way I want it. (There may be a few extra changes here and there but nothing drastic). Maybe it's because of the new year or because I'm turning 21 or just because I felt like it, but I wanted to change things up. I wanted my blog to look a bit more "professional" or "grown-up" for lack of a better term. I want my blog to grow and change with me as the years go by. Anyways, so that's my little reason for why the blog looks different. I hope you like it and that it's not too hard to navigate and find everything! Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow a romance/lovey post was in order. because no Valentine's post is complete with a Delena scene  If a book doesn't have at least a tiny romance subplot, I will not read it. If there is no mention of romance or the hint of romance in the blurb of a book I most likely will not pick i

Stepping Back from Your WIP

Since finishing the third and final version of Second Star to the Right, I've been excitedly working on my Alice in Wonderland continuation, King of Hearts. Badger, the MC, has been a character in my head for a long time. His story with Alice's has been a story I've day-dreamed about and thought about and waited for the right time to write about. The story just didn't click or sit well with me until the end of December when I just sat down to write and the first chapter of Badger's story flowed out of my finger tips with ease. He's one of my favorite characters I've come up with and written. He's damaged and complex and introverted but also dangerous. I've loved writing his story but once I left the beginning behind and passed the threshold into act 2, things started to slow down. For me that usually always happens. I love writing beginnings, their my favorite. Middles however, are the hardest and I feel like that happens to a lot of writers. We l