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//Book Release//

Happy Tuesday everyone! I just wanted to pop on here and say that Cursed is officially out today! 😆 This book took me a lot longer than I thought it would to write and revise and publish. It went through a lot of different phases. This is my second sequel I've ever hit publish on and it feels amazing. Project Hellion was a hard book to write. It took me almost two years. This one? Took way less time, but was just as difficult. The fact that Wayward did well enough to warrant a sequel and that I'm confident that Cursed will do as well as Wayward? It's pretty cool and something I wasn't sure I would ever get to have. So, if you're interested, check out Cursed HERE ! Wayward is also up for sale to celebrate the release of Cursed. You can get that for 1.99 or on Kindle Unlimited HERE . When Mia Avery moved to the small, seemingly sleepy town of St. Croix Falls with her mother and meets Rhett, she was thrown headfirst into the dangerous and dark world of the

March Monthly Wrap Up

Happy Wednesday everyone! We're officially on a stay at home or shelter in place or whatever you want to call it order. So, no going out somewhere unless its for food or medical reasons. Really, the whole order didn't really change much of how we've been doing things at my house the last week. The only stores we go to, and by we I mean one person leaves the house and comes back with groceries, are grocery stores. I can understand why they're doing that though. So many people are going to Lowes and Hobby Lobby and all these non-essential places. Hopefully this will deter them, and I think those stores might actually be closing for the time being. March Writing: This month has been an interesting one writing-wise. I've been getting in a little bit of writing the sequel to Golden Touch here and there. I'm writing at least a page in it every week or so, which is progress. Actually, it's been really nice to have a WIP that I can work on at my own pace. There

How to Write A Survivalist Character During The Apocalypse

Hello friends! It's been a while... The last two weeks have been kind of nuts. The entire world is freaking out, everything's been turned upside down. Last week was rough... I had wanted to write out a birthday blog post and do something special on here for turning 22, but then everything happened and I was too stressed and I forgot to write anything, so that's kind of a bummer. I guess I could do it this week, but I feel like something else is needed for this week. I was thinking I should write some meaningful, hope-filled blog post. Write about what's going on in the world... but then I realized, everyone is already doing that. Social media is saturated with hope-filled positivity. And don't get me wrong, that's great! It's needed right now. To be honest though, Sunday night and into Monday I was getting pretty fed up with all the positivity. I think I was just overwhelmed and stressed, but I got pretty bitter and told my mom I was sick of hearing all th