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March Monthly Wrap Up

March is almost over! I can't believe how quickly the first three months have flown by, though to some extent it feels like its been a long year already haha So here you have it, an overview of March: March Writing: I wrote the first draft of my supernatural WIP in 19 days this month! I can't remember the last time I wrote a draft in less than a month so it was nice to know I still have it in me. This WIP, which I've been calling Eliza after my MC's name, has been a blast to write! As I've experimented with other genres and story forms I've realized the supernatural genre is my niche. The one that I am most comfortable in, the one I know the best and enjoy writing the most. I liked this book even more so because there were no vampires. Turns out I enjoy reading about them and watching TV shows with them in them more than writing about them. Don't get me wrong, I love my Sterling Hunter series on Wattpad. Tabitha and Sebastian and their story was what m

The Importance of Sci-Fi

Hello all! So, a few weeks ago while we were heading to my grandparents for my birthday, my mom was telling me about this speaker on Moody radio she was listening to and how she was talking about this genius guy (like I said this was a few weeks ago and I can't remember the guy's name haha) whose inventing chips that can be implanted in the brain and improves a person's IQ. I was horrified. Like why would someone make something like that? Why would someone invent a chip implantation and who in their right minds would pay money for that? Anyone ever read Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza? It's a YA sci-fi book where everyone has these chips implanted in their heads which allows them to have the internet in their brains, let them "cloud" memories and pull them out whenever they want and have TV play behind their eyes. A cool concept, right? I mean seriously as someone with a horrible memory, getting to store away my memories and then view the

How to Write a Negative Character Arc

Anyone else love reading a train wreck? I find negative character arcs refreshing and fun to read and watch because not a lot of people do them. Like I'm a sucker for a redemption arc. I love characters that start out horrible and bad and "irredeemable" and then slowly redeem themselves and become the good guy. But from time to time I just love watching a good character go bad. Call me evil but I hope I'm not the only one who enjoys this. I've actually wanted to write this post for a while after rewatching Merlin last year and then over the past month me and a friend were rewatching Star Wars and I've always enjoyed the prequels because of Anakin's downward spiral. Also the last season of The 100, you watch as Octavia completes her journey to becoming one of the meanest, worst antagonists in the show. And that's saying something. The other day I really thought about what other characters who have negative arcs there are but I honestly couldn't th

Hunter's Heritage: Chapters 22 and 23!

I've been pretty inconsistent with posting chapters the last few weeks and I totally forgot to post these two last weekend cuz it was my birthday. So here are chapters 22 and 23! The story is starting to wrap up and climb toward the climax so I'm pretty excited to share the ending! It's one I looked forward to since writing book 1. Here's a little excerpt from chapter 23: Once Tabitha had filled the others in on what happened, had showered and changed they all went out to scour the city. She wouldn ’t rest until she found Sebastian. It wasn’t safe for him or anyone else for him to be roaming around the city in his condition. For once she wished New Orleans wasn’t so big. The city and the hustle and bustle made it nearly impossible to find anyone. They searched high and low, every corner, every street, or at least all the ones they could cover before nightfall. Once the sun began to set Tabitha leaned against a nearby wall on a random street corner, running a hand

Friday in Review: The Wicked King by Holly Black

Hey everyone! So I want to get more consistent with my reviews. Mostly book reviews but there will be some times that I review TV shows or movies. I've just been so inconsistent with putting up reviews so here's to a new habit and new rhythm. The first book I read this year was Fawkes but the first book I read that came out this year was The Wicked King. (I will try to keep this spoiler free but just a head's up... there may be small spoilers ahead! So be warned haha) But anyways, I read The Cruel Prince last year and I absolutely loved it! I haven't read some of Holly Black's older books, but ever since reading The Coldest Girl in Coldtown I've been hooked on her writing. For the most part, I will not read a book if it doesn't have romance in it. Like a good romance that is semi-prominent to the story. The hero or heroine can have a journey of their own and other relationships and I am all for that, but there must be some sort of romance. Holly Bl

A Non-Writer's Guide to Writerly Terms and Phrases

This post is for all you non-writers out there (or for new writers who are still learning how to speak writer). When I first started getting into the writing community I started hearing all these weird phrases and terms like WIP, plot bunnies, MC and POV and I had to figure out what they all meant. Now I use these words on a daily basis while talking about my writing and know what they all mean, but for those who are new to this whole writing community thing and have no idea what people are talking about half the time and for friends and family members of writers who need help understanding writer-talk here is a guide just for you! (P.S. thanks to all the writers on the Go Teen Writers Alumni Facebook group for the suggestions! Some of these I wouldn't have thought up on my own without your guys' help!) WIP: Work in progress  Pantser: A writer who writes by the seat of their pants. Usually just jumps right into a new WIP (see above) without any plan or outline and goes f

Turning 21 (+ The Best Writing Advice I've Gotten in the Past Few Years)

So first of all I had planned to announce that Project Hellion is now on paperback. I got my author copy on Tuesday this week but when I woke up on Wednesday the paperback version had gone out of review and I got an email saying there were a few things wrong with the book (even though I got my author copy and it looks great) so unfortunately Project Hellion is not on Amazon on paperback yet. :( I'm working on the problems and hopefully it'll be up by the end of March. Anyways, I had this whole blog post written cuz I was feeling really nostalgic and stuff and I don't want to waste it. But first Weapon Icean and Project Hellion are both on the Kindle store and on Kindle Unlimited so if you're interested click Here . Anyways, I got the author copy on Tuesday and it was surreal. I think it was especially cool because when I wrote Weapon Icean it was for my 2015 Nanowrimo so when I wrote the first draft of Weapon Icean I was 18! Four years later and in just one day I