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ReaderandWriterTag on Instagram

So I was tagged on Instagram to do the readerandwriter tag and it's sort of long so I decided to do it on here and then post the link on Instagram for anyone who wants to get to know me a little better as a writer and reader.

I've always liked this writing quote. It isn't exactly an encouragement but it is very true.

1 (Q) What is your current WIP?
(A) A story about gold aliens, cool gadgets, even cooler abilities, and two teens who find friendship and partnership in one another, and eventually love. Plus ya know a bunch of scifi shenanigans and danger and adventure.

2 (Q) Do you have a title for it?
(A) Right now I’m calling it Golden because of gold aliens and other stuff haha

3 (Q) What genre is it?
(A) YA Science Fiction

4 (Q) What genre is your favorite to write?
(A) Either Science Fiction or Fantasy

5 (Q) What genre is your favorite to read?
(A) Either magic realism, fantasy, or science fiction. (I can’t choose just one they are all my favorites haha)

6 (Q) Do you write or want to write stand-alone books or series?
(A) I would like to write a few stand-alones… they are hard though because my ideas always end up being so huge and complex that they demand a series. Plus I have a hard time letting go of characters… I get too attached haha

7 (Q) Do you write novels or short stories?
(A) I first started writing novels but now I write novels and short stories (short stories have become my new favorite thing to write)

8 (Q) Do you write anything besides stories? Poems? Songs?
(A) Nope.

9 (Q) What do you use to write out your stories?
(A) I use Word and sometimes paper and pen

10 (Q) Where do you find your best or most inspiration?
(A) I find most of my inspiration scrolling through Pinterest. Things that happen in my life effects my writing and ideas too. I also get a lot of inspiration from movies and TV shows and books I’ve read along with walks at parks and in forests.

11 (Q) What do you listen to while writing?
(A) I listen to my character playlists I create on Spotify and sometimes movie soundtracks.

12 (Q) What do you like to snack on or drink while writing?
(A) I snack on pistachios… cherries… chips… any snacky foods I can find in the house. And I drink coffee… like too much. If there isn’t coffee then I’ll have tea haha

13 (Q) What authors have inspired your writing and ideas?
(A) Julie Plec (who is a screenwriter and wrote TVD), Joss Whedon (the ultimate writer mastermind in my opinion), Shannon Messenger (Cuz the Keeper series), Michael Buckley (The Sisters Grimm series), Marissa Meyer, Julia Golding, Rick Riordan, A.G. Howard, Holly Black (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is my all time fave book!), Melissa Landers (Starflight is amazing!) and Ingrid Law

14 (Q) Do you like research something before, or do you just dive right in and worry about it later?
(A) It depends on the story for me but usually I just dive in and do research as I go which can slow the writing process down but also makes things interesting.

15 (Q) Writing day time or night?
(A) Very rarely do I write at night. I always either write in the morning or sometime during the day or mid afternoon.

16 (Q) Self-publishing or nah?
(A) I’m self-published so self-publishing definitely. I might pursue traditional publishing but right now in the season of life I’m in at the moment self publishing is good for me. It’s not restricting and I have free reign to do whatever I want with my book babies.

17 (Q) Who would you dedicate it to?
(A) I dedicated Weapon Icean to everyone who helped me brainstorm and edit and write the book. But that is mostly composed of my parents, a few writing friends and my best friend Noah.

18 (Q) Which point of view do you like to write from the most?
(A) Third person, past tense. Every time.

19 (Q) Where is your favorite place to write?
(A) This may seem boring but I love writing in my room. It’s quiet and an environment that I’m most comfortable surrounded by geeky posters and inspiration and books. Plus all my pens and notebooks and notes are within reach so I don’t have to worry about forgetting something or not having a particular note with me.

20 (Q) If you could have dinner with any author, who would you want to see?
(A) Either Shannon Messenger, Julie Plec, or Joss Whedon. I would be more than happy with any of those three.


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