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Five Most Inspiring Movies for Writers

Hey everyone!! So... I was feeling crappy all this week and last week and didn't have time to come up with a decent blog post idea so... this is all I got and is inspired by that movie Goosebumps that came out a little while ago.

I don't think I have any writing related updates or life updates either for that matter... Though I have written three short stories. All of them are rather dark and kind of depressing but that's another post for another time (maybe next week?). Other than that I've got nothing. So here you go. You should check out these movies if you need encouragement as an author.

  1. Goosebumps: This one is first because its fresh on my mind from last night. It wasn't that scary. Mild horror at the most. Funny and fun and enjoyable. A good watch if you want something for Halloween but you get scared easily. But what made this movie inspiring was the fact that one of the characters was R. L. Stine and the only way to save everyone was for him to write a book in record time. Something about R. L. Stine's story, at least in this movie, caught my attention. He said as a little boy he didn't have any friends, he couldn't connect with people because he had such a creative's mind. I can relate with that on some level. I live in my little fantasy world pretty much twenty-four/seven. Is that healthy? I have no idea but it's just who I am and how my brain is wired. He created these monsters in his books to give him company, to be his friends. During the movie I looked up R. L. Stine and did some research on the real guy. He's pretty awesome and has some interesting stories about his personal and authorial life. You should definitely check him out.
  2. Finding Neverland: After reading The Real Peter Pan I don't think I can watch that movie again. It used to be my favorite but now... it's just downright creepy. Beyond creepy actually. I sort of have a newly developed phobia against Peter Pan. So... don't read that book. But despite the creepiness of the true story of J. M. Barrie and Peter Pan I have to say this movie is definitely inspiring. It doesn't touch on the creepiness of the true story and Johnny Depp is excellent at J. M. Barrie. It shows you that if you have the creativity of a child you can do anything, come up with some of the best stories because children are made of creativity. It's a wonderful movie and if you can handle creepy, sad and depressing true stories then you should check out The Real Peter Pan and do some research on the real J. M. Barrie. It's both disturbing and oddly inspiring at the same time.
  3. Spiderwick: This movie doesn't feature an actual author or writer of any kind but it came from a writer and the widely popular Spiderwick Chronicles. I've always found the movie inspiring because of how creative and magical it is. It has evil goblins, a hobgoblin, griffins, fairies, the who shebang. Seeing the fantastical and magical world of Spiderwick is so inspiring. And of course I suppose there is a writer in the movie. A fictional one. The man who wrote the book that the twin boys find and that the evil goblins want. Check out the movie and check out the books because they are wonderful, dark and magical.
  4. Bridge to Terabithia: Yes, yes sad movie and sad book. But also so good. Not only does it have little Josh Hutcherson but the characters are so good! I love the open imagination that runs wild in the two main characters. They create this whole fantasy world in the woods to live in where they can get away from actual life and it's so inspiring to see that.
  5. Journey to the Center of the Earth: This movie also had Josh Hutcherson in it. (I kind of really like Josh Hutcherson as an amazing actor). This one is about a boy and his uncle, I believe (I haven't watched the first one in a while... I have watched the second one with Dwaine Johnson in it) and how he finds a journal of his father. They go looking for him all the way to the journey of the center of the earth. I believe this movie was based off the book and the characters were actually following the book. Which just goes to show how powerful a well written book can be.
There are many, many more. I know there are other movies I've watched that feature actual writers but I can't remember them so here's the five that I know off the top of my head. I think what makes all of these so inspiring is the imagination and creativity. All of these movies showcase best traits of a writer. Their wild imaginations whether they lean toward a darker world or a lighter, more innocent one. But if you ever have writer's block you should definitely check these movies out and the authors behind them because both the stories and the author themselves are incredibly inspiring and wonderfully imaginative.

Who's your favorite author? Or what's your favorite movie showcasing a famous author? 


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