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Chapters 12 and 13 are now up!

Hey everyone! So here's chapters 12 and 13 on Wattpad of Hunter's Heritage! I love on Wattpad that I can publish two chapters a week. It gives me more time with the story. If I have last minute changes I can change them before putting the chapters up. Right now, I sort of have an idea for a few small changes for how the book will end. But anyways, enjoy the two new chapters!

After about ten minutes of everyone getting ready they all headed outside. Tabitha had made sure Chelsea had a stake tucked away in her purse while Jonas assured her again that he would take care of her. He had more than a few stakes on him which did make Tabitha relax a little. They all piled into Sebastian’s car with Mirabel and Toulouse taking their own car, a shiny black Bentley and headed out toward the city. Before leaving they had decided that Toulouse and Mirabel would look through the French Quarter, Treme, Bywater and Downtown since they knew the place the best. Toulouse would drop Chelsea and Jonas off in Esplanade Ridge where they would check out Lakeview, Gentilly and the Ninth Ward. Sebastian and Tabitha were left with Midcity, Carrolton, Uptown and the Garden and Art districts. Tabitha wasn’t na├»ve enough to think even with the six of them that they could search the entire city in one day, but they had to start somewhere. They would all meet at Roux’s, a small bar Mirabel and Toulouse frequented often in the French Quarter before sundown, giving them all enough time to search as much as they could.
Sebastian grinned as they drove through the bustling, beautifully historic streets of New Orleans. “Just you and me then.”
Tabitha grinned too but couldn’t take her eyes off the streets all around them. “Yep. This should be fun…”


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