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Friday in Review: Good Friday and Experimenting with Writing

Hey all! So, I haven’t been posting a lot the last two weeks or so even though I have several great post ideas. Also, I don’t have a revised or even semi-decent short story that I could post so today is an update day!

First off, today is Good Friday. When it comes to Easter I think a lot of us would rather dwell on Sunday, when He is risen, but today is the day that my Jesus went through unbearable torture and pain to free me of my sins and save me from the enemy and I cannot put into words my love and gratitude to Him for what He endured and did for me. Today is a day to remember and honor His sacrifice for us and on Sunday we get to celebrate that He is risen and He has won and the enemy has lost. 
 So writing-wise, I have to say that I am super happy that I finished my handwritten revisions on Project Khione. Now it’s just time to plug in all the changes I made onto the computer… and maybe switch up the plot yet again cuz that is just how it goes sometimes. On the Weapon Icean front… I got my first review and it was a pretty mediocre… sort of negative review so that stung a bit and I think I’ll do a post on how to handle those kinds of reviews, especially for self-published authors. But it seems that I had a totally different idea of what Weapon Icean is than everyone else. People who are reading it are saying it’s a junior high, middle school book even though I’ve been marketing it as young adult soooo I am going to roll with the Junior High and Middle School criteria because I trust the people I’ve gotten this feedback from and can see where they’re coming from. Also, junior high and middle school readers and authors are amazing so I’m content with that audience. (Some of my all time favorite authors write for middle school age). It’s just a matter of sort of now redirecting all that young adult marketing stuff into Junior high and middle school. So yeah, I’m figuring that out and this whole published book, marketing thing is a big learning curb. I’m learning as I go so that with each new book that is finished and ready to be published I can publish and market even better than the last time. It’s all a learning experience and I’m really liking it.

Second off, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or pretty much anywhere on social media you know that I have recently gotten into a short story kick. Like I am just churning those things out like crazy. They are very short… like when I say short story I mean as in 1,200 to 3,000 words, so about 3 to 8 pages. I’ve collected them and stuck all of the messy first drafts into one document that I am calling A Short Story Collection: Magic and Mayhem. I plan on revising them (cuz I really love them and I really feel like these guys can go somewhere) and then publish them in one big collection with about twelve short stories or in two separate ones. Six of them are random short stories from random “worlds” and with different characters that don’t mesh and ya’know just stories that are by themselves. The other six are all in the same world that I’m calling my modern magic world. So, I’m not sure if I should release all twelve of them together since the two types are very different from one another. But anyways! that’s my thought process on all that and as you can tell I have a lot to think about and plan and figure out if I actually want to release a short story collection or two.

I’m doing a lot of experimental writing, sort of feeling things out. I think with working on Weapon Icean and Project Khione, full length just complete novels I’ve sort of wanted to branch out and stretch my creative muscles. That’s where the short stories are coming from. With my other project I’m going to try something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. A serialization or episodic novel, kind of like a TV show. I just want to see if I can actually pull it off and do it and if not then that’s ok cuz at least I tried. I’m also thinking about trying some fan fiction, maybe a novella or novelette and I’m sure there are other “book” formats to tell a story that I don’t known about yet.  So yeah, that’s where I’m at. In a sort of experimental, let’s go crazy and try different things because I can stage of my writer life.

Oh! And tomorrow I’m heading to my first ever Comic Con!! I am so excited and a little nervous cuz there’s going to be a lot of people and lots of stuff going on but I think once I get there and get into it I’ll have a blast. I’m going with a bunch of friends and I’m gonna do a weird sort of casual outfit inspired by the show Legion. With his black shirt with the orange arrow on it, a black skirt and black boots. So it’s sort of the vibe of the show plus a little bit of David and Syd’s vibe too. I’m psyched and I will take lots of awesome pictures and my Instagram will probably be blowing up so get ready!

Have a great weekend and Easter everyone!


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