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Nanowrimo Update and A Cover Reveal!

Guys!! I am so, so excited to present the cover for Weapon Icean. The edits and everything are finished. My book is done and it all feels so surreal! It's been a long and sometimes grueling process, especially for someone who can become a bit impatient like me. And then BAM it was just... ready. The cover is amazing and I am so excited to share it with you guys! Just a few more days now and Weapon Icean will be ready for sale! I'll post the day it comes out to let you guys know when it's ready!

So without further ado and a lot of overly excited rambling from me, here is the cover for Weapon Icean:

Ahhh there it is and it's amazing!!! There's Delphi and she looks awesome!
A huge shout out to my amazing mom who did the cover design. It took her two days! She did an amazing job! (And you can find her on Instagram under Personette Photography).

I'm overly excited and a little nervous to publish but my excitement definitely outweighs the nerves. I don't even care if I sell two copies. It's just the fact that it will be out there and I will have it in my hands as a hardcopy that makes me unbelievably happy.

Besides all the epicness above here is a short nanowrimo update. I was getting into the muddy middle slump. Things were moving pretty slowly. I think I was suffering from writer burnout which sucks because it's nanowrimo and I should be writing like crazy not getting depressed and feeling horrible about my writing. But then I finished Weapon Icean and I saw the cover and my writerly inspiration was restored. I'm working on the sequel for my 2016 nanowrimo which is so exciting and so fun and also very, very hard. Sequels are... very hard. I'd heard that before, time and time again from several different blog posts and writers but I didn't realize it until I dug into my own sequel. But it's so worth all the difficulties and the downer moments. Especially knowing that one day (hopefully next year) my Weapon Icean sequel that I am calling Project Khione for nanowrimo will have a cover as amazing and beautiful as the one above.

I am just so excited to become apart of the indie author community. When I was younger I wanted to be traditionally published. I wanted to query and get an agent and an editor and a big deal but as I researched I realized that didn't fit me. I'm more of an independent kind of person who likes full creative reign over everything I do. I don't want anyone telling me what I can and can't have in my book and what my cover should or shouldn't look like. To me the traditionally published worlds had more cons than pros. But to all of you are aspiring for traditional publication go for it! Either way the journey to publication is exciting and full of lots of ups and downs but at the end of the day it is beyond worth it!

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving full of family and fun and a speedy, inspiration filled rest of nanowrimo!


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