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Cress by Marissa Meyer


And here it is! The third book in the Lunar Chronicles. Cress by Marissa Meyer. Here's the summary for this awesome book:

In this third book Cinder and Thorne are wanted fugitives with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Their hope lies in Cress, who has been trapped in a satellite since she was a child with only screens for company. She has grown up trained to be a hacker and the tech wiz for Luna. She has just received orders to track down Cinder and her handsome partner. When a rescue goes wrong, Cress gets her freedom with a price while the rest of the team is split up. Meanwhile, Kai is struggling to find some way around a marriage alliance with Queen Levana, though he knows it will be inevitable.

So this book is pretty awesome. I have to say though I loved Scarlet (the book) better. When I was first getting to know Cress I found myself just trying to get through her chapters to the ones about Cinder and the team. I found it very clever that Marissa Meyer had Cress have a little crush (more like a fantasy about their undying true love) for Thorne. It was very cute and I loved seeing them interact, especially since Cress doesn't have much people skills. I really did not like how she separated poor Wolf and Scarlet, though I did enjoy seeing the reaction that Wolf had when he realized that he was separated from his "alpha". Can I just say how sweet that is that he called her that? If you haven't read the end of the second book then I am sure you are a little lost right now. Just another reason why you should read the series. I liked seeing the bond between Cress and Thorne strengthen throughout the book ,especially since they were in such a unique situation for the both of them. Kai was sort of a nuisance. All I wanted was to skip through his chapters, but don't do it! Stick it out because you really start to see how much Kai is still so warm toward Cinder. You really see how meeting her has effected him. And at the end! I won't say a thing but I have to say I love you Marissa Meyer! She isn't one of those terrible authors who leaves you with a big gaping hole in your chest when you finish it. I was horrified when I skipped ahead a page at the end and saw the last words of the chapter. I got to that page flipped it and literally shouted "Yes!" because she hadn't finished the book yet. Thank you! I was very fun seeing all of their different reactions to one another and by this book all of the pieces fit together at the end. Cress's past makes complete sense and near the end you just have to think how clever Marissa Meyer was. Hint: every single main character was mentioned at least once in the first book. Except for Thorne obviously. The end is satisfying enough to give you some breathing room so you don't close the book and have a panic attack because the next one doesn't come out until NEXT YEAR!!! I am counting down the days! So, if I haven't convinced you already I am telling you now: check out the Lunar Chronicles. They are really great and awesome and all kinds of epic. There were a few scenes with needles, not very many. No adult situations just a lot of holding hands and loving gazes across the room and one (I am pretty sure there as only one) kiss. Between who? you may ask. I'm not telling because it would give everything away! So I will leave you with that little hanger and hope that it convinces you to tear through Cinder and Scarlet so that you can get to Cress. I recommend this book for ages sixteen and up. Check the series out and I hope you love it like I do!


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