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So, I know I said I would have a blog series, but I've recently become sort of busy and also I'm having some story difficulties.

On the spur of the moment a few months ago I added a few chapters of my book Truest on Wattpad, but then there were a lot of stressful events going on and I promptly forgot to add anymore. To be honest, I didn't have the nerve, but today I decided to take the plunge.

(Cover by my talented mom)

I added chapters four and five on Wattpad for you to read! Here's a blurb of my book:

Jack is in hiding. To his friends he is known as a thief and works for a crooked boss but when he meets Kari everything changes. He knows that she is the only one that can stop Shado, the man that has taken over Seasons and is destroying everything. It's up to him and Kari to save his home.

Kari is a normal girl... if you consider living in a group home with a bunch of broken kids normal. She's always wondered about her parents, about magic, and about why she could hear things that others couldn't. Then she sees a mysterious boy with brown hair at one of her field trips and her mundane lonely world changes forever and she slowly begins to realize who she truly is and what she is meant to do.

If the story interests you (which I hope it does) then you can find it here:

Truest on Wattpad

Hope you enjoy my story and I will be posting a new chapter every Friday. :) Have a great weekend everyone!


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