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Sterling Silver: A Novel

So, I've recently rekindled my interest in Wattpad and have decided to do something that I've been considering for a long time. I've always wanted to try and serialize one of my novels. You know, release a chapter weekly and just see what happens. I've heard some mixed things about Wattpad, but honestly, it seems like one of the safer platforms to put my stuff on. I mean there are hundreds of readers and writers on there and I haven't heard a ton of bad stuff, so I trust that my writing will be safe on there. This novel, Sterling Silver, is one that I wrote back in May 2016 and the anniversary date is coming up. I started writing it May 20th and this year it will be two years old. This book is one that I've been dipping into and working on every once in a while since I first started it. I wasn't sure what to do with it or if I should do anything with it because it is a vampire book. There's nothing like extremely risque or gory in it, but still... I feel pretty self-conscious about it, even though -- or maybe especially because -- it is one of my favorite books that I have ever written. Sebastian and Tabitha are two characters that are very important to me and this whole story stems from my love of the supernatural/vampire genre. I have lots of plans for this novel and these characters. A whole series because there's no way I'm ending Tabitha's story at just one book.

But, anyways, recently one of the bloggers I follow, Aimee Meester, has been releasing her novella one chapter at a time every week and I've really enjoyed that format and reading her stuff. It makes you anticipate the next chapter every week and makes you come back for more to find out what will happen next, not unlike a TV show. Maybe that's why I love the idea of serializing a novel, because I love TV shows and I love the format of releasing a little bit of a story each week. It's addictive and makes you come back for more and crave more, as long as the story and characters are good. And since I've tried my hand at script-writing and am not very good at it, and because I love the format of novels and know them the best, I think serializing my writing is the closest I will ever come to writing a TV show. Plus, to be completely honest, I'm just really curious to see what happens. I'm curious to see what -- if any -- kind of feedback I'll get. To see if it helps grow my audience a little more. Really, I'm just curious to see how this idea pans out. If it doesn't then it doesn't, I'll still love Sterling Silver and will still do something with it (like publish it for real) but if it does go well, then hey, maybe I'll do more on Wattpad and on this blog.

I've wanted to branch out and share more of my writing for a while now. I'm one of those writers that writes behind closed doors. No one reads my first, second, third, fourth or even fifth and sixth drafts. Only I see those and only I know the whole stories and the characters and everything that is that book. I do most of my brainstorming on my own, I work through writer's block and problems and everything that entails writing a book mostly on my own, in the safety of my room. I'm not about to change that or start sharing my first drafts, but I also don't see the harm in sharing some of my more polished, revised and edited stuff. Sterling Silver will no doubt have some grammatical errors and some typos and I need to be Ok with that because there's no way I can catch everything myself. I think putting it on Wattpad will help me relax and just let it be what it is: a good book, a good story. This isn't the final draft, I'm sure it has more work that can be done on it. No one else except me has read this story or even knows anything about this story, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm willing to take a step out of my comfort zone and give this a shot.

Like I said, Sterling Silver comes from my love for the vampire genre. Just so you know, it is heavily influenced by The Vampire Diaries. This book stems from my love for the world of TVD and The Originals, only without the magic and the witches. In this book, there are only vampires... though I have some ideas of expanding that world and adding some other creatures that wouldn't normally be found in the world of vampires. Not just the stereotypical vampire and werewolf story. I want to add some other creatures and characters that aren't seen as often in that genre. But at the moment, I have no plans to add witches or magic... that's just something I don't write about, so don't expect any of that in this book.

So, here's the synopsis I made for Wattpad (I'm terrible at synopsis's so don't judge too harshly):

The daring and spunky TABITHA STERLING is the latest in a long line of vampire hunters in her family. After her father is killed during a hunt, she is forced to take up the responsibility when none of her other siblings are willing to. 

Three years later, during a regular night of hunting Tabitha bumps into a stranger, who, the next day is revealed to be the new boy at her school, the handsome, dangerous and alluring SEBASTIAN. After nearly killing him in the middle of English class, he tells her that he's there to recruit her to join the Moirai, a secret, worldwide organization of vampire hunters. He claims she must take up the spot that her father left behind, and at first Tabitha is resistant. But when Sebastian insists that he can teach her more about hunting than anyone else can, she reluctantly agrees to train with him. 

As Tabitha trains with Sebastian, they grow closer, and despite Tabitha's vow to never get romantically involved with a vampire, she just can't help herself. She and Sebastian are bonded through old history between their two families and an old foe who is after revenge against both of them. As they go on the hunt for a dangerous new vampire in town, long-buried secrets about Tabitha and her family are revealed and Tabitha must come face to face with her family's past.

I will be putting two chapters on Wattpad every Saturday, starting this Saturday. I'll also update the blog every time I add a new chapter so make sure to check in! So yeah! I hope you guys enjoy it and stay tuned and keep coming back for more!


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