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//WIP// The Runaway

 Happy Wednesday! 

Taking a break from other topics to talk about my latest WIP that I'm really excited about! I know I still have Golden Touch and the entire Archive series to publish, but I've already invested myself into a new book series I'm working on haha I mentioned in the May wrap up that I was putting chapters of The Runaway on Wattpad... But last week I made the decision to take it down off Wattpad and put the first five episodes up on the new Kindle Vella platform instead. Ever since they announced Kindle Vella, I've been really excited about it and wanting to try it. I actually wrote The Runaway with Kindle Vella in mind. 

If you don't know, Kindle Vella is a new platform being launched by Amazon. Us authors get early entry so we can put up content for when it's released to readers. It's a platform for serialized writing and you'll be able to access episodes of a story through buying a certain amount of coins and then using those coins to redeem episodes. It sounds like such a great idea and I'm really eager to be one of first authors to put my stuff up on there. Honestly, I'm hoping by having my stuff on there early and for when the platform launches will give The Runaway some success it might not otherwise have if I were to publish it on Wattpad or as an actual book on Kindle Direct Publishing. There will lots of interested new readers and I hope by putting The Runaway up there will breathe some new life into my writing (and royalties maybe haha). 

I've already finished writing the first draft of book one and am going through chapter by chapter (or episode by episode I guess haha) to edit it. After I finished the final book in Golden Touch I was really worried I wouldn't write anything good again. That I wouldn't find a new story or characters that made me feel the way the characters and story of Golden Touch made me feel. And then Chrys and crew of The Hawk came out of nowhere and I'm now really excited about this book and new series. I realized while finishing writing the first draft that Chrys and I are in the same spot. She's on the edge of a new season of her life. She's feeling kind of lost and not really sure what's next. Kind of shaky about her future and still holding onto the past a little too much. It's cool when you have something so big in common with one of your characters and one of the fundamental themes of your story. :) So, when Kindle Vella launches, the first five (or six, I haven't decided yet) episodes will be up for anyone interested! The first three episodes (of all of the stories on there) will be free and then the rest of them will be priced by the amount of words in each episode. Whenever Kindle Vella decides to launch I think I'll release an episode every Friday and just see what happens. I'm really hoping something does happen... that it'll go well. I've just been feeling pretty discouraged about my publishing endeavors and published books lately. It sort of feels like no one's interested or cares about my books at all... So, it would be encouraging if some readers took an interest in following The Runaway and reading it on there. 

As for what The Runaway is all about, here's the blurb I have up on Kindle Vella (plus a few extra words because they're blurb word count restriction is killer haha): 

After the intergalactic civil war comes to an end, the new regime rises to power and Chrys has no other choice but to enlist the help of a group of criminals to get her to the outer rim and as far away from the capital city as possible. But having to hide the fact that she's a thaumaturge - the thing the regime hates most - and the growing connection toward the mysterious and handsome captain of the ship, makes their trip to the outer rim even more difficult than Chrys imagined.

Some comparison titles for The Runaway: 

Star Wars 


Rook Di Goo by Jenni Sauer 

Starflight by Melissa Landers 

Caraval by Stephanie Garber 

The Characters of The Runaway: 

Chrysler (Chrys): 

Age: Eighteen years old 

Physically Appearance: Her hair is a mixed color of poisonous red and green, wide green eyes and pale skin. 

Alien Species: Unknown 

Facts: a thaumaturge who was forced to runaway from her order after the Loyalist regime attacked her temple and has put a bounty and kill order on any other thaumaturges in the galaxy.  She's not very street smart, always wears fingerless gloves and is a master at the bo staff. She has the powers of any other thaumaturge: kinetic energy that she uses with her bo staff and empathy. 


Age: Nineteen 

Physical Appearance: Obsidian black skin that sparkles in the light, pale violet eyes that can see (and glows) in the dark and black hair that's always slicked back. 

Alien Species: Shai 

Facts: The Shai are almost like legends since they live in the Forbidden Galaxy. Most people don't even think they exist. For reasons unknown to Chrys, Ronan left his planet and galaxy and has been the captain of The Hawk for years now. Is an excellent shot with a gun and a good pilot. 


Age: Twenty

Physical Appearance: Carmel skin, gold dots under her eyes, brown dreadlocks

Alien Species: Tressor 

Facts: Always has goggles and/or a bandana on her head. Loves the color orange. She's the ship mechanic and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. But she also likes to dress up and go partying too. Doesn't stop talking. 


                                                                                 Age: Twenty-One

Physical Appearance: Pale skin, shoulder length black hair, green eyes with slitted pupils, scales along his face and arms. 

Alien Species: Neptunian 

Facts: Kind of the muscle. Good with computers and a decent co-pilot. He loves to have a good time and go to parties, is a bit of a flirt and loves ice cream. 


Age: Twenty-One

Physical Appearance: Yellow skin with black striped tattoos along both arms. Black hair long on one side and shaved on the other side. Black eyes and sharpened canines. 

Alien Species: Mirian  

Facts: Not a fan of Chrys at all. Grumpy, quiet and very unwelcoming to anyone he doesn't know. He's excellent with any sort of weapon and will do anything necessary to protect those he cares about. Is inherently suspicious of anyone who isn't a part of the crew of The Hawk. 


Age: Twenty

Physical Appearance: Pale gray skin and pale blue eyes. Light blond hair that's always up in elaborate hairstyles to keep the strands out of her face. 

Alien Species: Crystalline  

Facts: Her mom was her tribe's healer, so Opal learned everything she knows about medicine from her. She's now The Hawk's physician. Loves cooking and wears lots of skirts and dresses and crystals. 

So there you have it! A little bit about The Runaway and each of the characters! I can't wait to share this story with anyone who wants to read it on Kindle Vella. :b 

(*Note: None of the images belong to me. All were found on Pinterest) 


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