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Friday Musings #3

Woo another week is almost over!

Last week felt kind of weird... Like there were some awesome parts, but then there were just a lot of stressful parts too. I feel like the first week of classes is always weird, trying to figure out a new schedule and what how these classes are laid out and everything.

This week felt a little more stable on that front. I have a better understanding of how the classes are planned. The Harry Potter one has been hard to figure out cus it's very involved - more so than most of my other classes have been - and the teacher is a first time online professor so she's figuring out how online class works and everything. Plus, there wasn't a lot of homework to do this week, which I a grateful for. It was nice to have a more relaxed week with all that.

One of the biggest things I did this week though: I finally started my read through of Cursed! That has been looming over my head all January. I kept putting it off, kept procrastinating and stressing about it until finally over the weekend I was like, you know what? I just need to get this done. The read through is my least favorite part of the editing process. I dread it every. Single. Time. So, the sooner I can get this part over with the better and then I can finally move on with the story. If I keep plowing through the story like I have been and taking advantage of the chill week I'm having, I'm hoping to be done with this stage by Saturday. Maybe Sunday. But definitely by Monday.

I also drove at night for the first time this week. I mentioned this a little on my Instagram this week, but driving for me has been a real struggle. Most people get their license around sixteen or seventeen. It's easy for them, they have the normal jitters maybe but then they can move on and be comfortable and confident behind the wheel. It takes them a few months - maybe a year - to get all their hours in and get their license. But at sixteen-seventeen... I was a mess. I had a lot going on. My anxiety and depression was out of control and raging! I got my permit twice between ages seventeen and twenty one. The first time I was an anxious mess and I didn't get any driving in and my permit expired... The second time was the beginning of last year. Now that I'm in my twenties my permit doesn't expire till like February 2021 or something so I have more than enough time to get my driving in. Anyways! All that to say, my anxiety has made it very hard to drive and even be remotely comfortable behind the wheel. Until this past year. Something clicked and I got determined and made driving a priority. I figured 22 years old is a good age to get my license. ;) My anxiety has also been way more under control lately. I'm older now, I've matured a lot since sixteen and I have a way better handle over my anxiety. So the fact that I drove all the way to my small group on some pretty difficult roads in the dark? That's a huge victory for me.

Just yesterday I also finished reading through Numbers! Man... I love the Bible. I love every piece of God's Word, I really do but... those first few books? They are hard to get through! I liked Genesis and I liked Exodus. Those I'm all good with and I really enjoyed reading them. But Leviticus and Numbers? They are rough! It's a lot of laws... Leviticus is all laws. I did learn a lot from that book and I'm glad I read it, but still... it was a little hard to get through. I thought Numbers would be better but... it kind of wasn't? Like there was a little more story to it but it was still a lot of laws to get through. The one part I really enjoyed was reading about Balak and Balaam. That was such a bizarre story with the talking donkey and all that and I never really understood it, so I looked up more about the story and really sat and studied it. That was a lot of fun. I enjoyed really unpacking that story and learning what it's all about. So, yeah... I'm kind of ready for Deuteronomy. What I'm really ready for though, is to get to Judges and all that good stuff. But I've never read through Deuteronomy and I can't skip it.

This week I completed Bryan Cohen's Five Day Amazon Ad challenge! And guess what?? I actually made a profit! I really small amount, but still it's something! I got clicks on my ads and Kindle Unlimited pages read. It was so cool and I really hope I can keep this up and up my ad game some more.

I went to small group on Wednesday and had a good conversation with a friend about writing and stories and poetry. That was really great. And then on Thursday I got to hang out with one of my closest friends who's getting married this year! So we hung out and had Panda Express and got to talk about her plans and all that fun stuff. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my best friend for a little while, which I'm excited for. Overall, this week has been a very social one and my ambivert-self needed that I think.

As for today, I'm babysitting, as I will be doing every Friday from here on out. I plan to get some more reading done in Cursed, work on some class stuff and maybe - maybe - get some writing done on Golden Touch. Golden Touch fell to the way side this week because I really needed to prioritize Cursed but now that I'll be done with the read through next week, hopefully I'll be able to get some words in on Golden Touch this weekend and in the coming week.

So, yeah, that was my week in a nutshell. There were some small changes in plans, some ups and downs but overall, it was a good week. And I can't believe January is almost over! How crazy is that??

How has your week been? 


  1. Oh man, Leviticus was hard! I'm still working through Numbers but now I'm looking forward to that talking donkey story!

    1. It was! But I'm so glad I read through them both... It was worth it. And yes haha! That was a great story haha.

  2. I understand about the driving thing. I still hate driving and it gives me anxiety a lot. And Numbers and Leviticus are really hard. Some of my least favorite books in the Bible, although God included them for a reason.

    1. Its nice to know I'm not the only one who struggles with it. :) I definitely agree... But like you said, God put them in there for a reason and that's why I wanted to read through them even if they were hard. :)

  3. Best of luck with the license. I'm twenty five and thanks to anxiety I still haven't passed the road test.
    One of the things I need to work on this year. You can do it!

  4. I'm exactly the same with the driving! I just didn't even care to get it around 16 or 17, then as I hit 18 and 19, I knew it was important, but my anxiety made it almost impossible. Like my whole body would be shaking when I finished practicing, even if nothing bad had happened on the road! Then there were some other life things that kept me from actually being able to drive... so it's been quite a ride, no pun intended. :p
    But this year, I feel a lot better about it. My anxiety's more under control, and I actually feel ready to try and drive. All that to say, congratulations on that major victory! And prayerfully, you and I both will complete the road test this year!


    1. Wow, I can't believe how many people have said that they've had the same problem. For years I thought I was the only one who had this problem.... so it's honestly kind of nice to hear that others struggle with this too. Yeah I get that though, once you hit eighteen, nineteen, into your twenties you kind of realize driving is sort of important for getting around and stuff haha. That's part of the reason why I'm so determined to get it this year. It's just a necessary thing to be able to do (even if it is hard haha).

      That's great! I'm really happy for you! Feeling ready to try and drive is a victory all on its own. Thank you, and yes for sure, I'll be praying that it works out for you this year. :)


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