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My Top Ten Favorite Characters and Why I Love Them

Hey everyone! I haven't done a Friday in Review in a while and this technically isn't a Friday in Review, but this was a subject I was talking about with a friend the other day and thought it would make a good blog post. Some of the names that ended up on this list honestly surprised me, though it doesn't surprise me that half of them are from TV shows. I love books, but I've turned into more of a TV fan lately. So here are my top ten favorite characters and why I love them and/or how I relate to them:

  1. Rogue from the X-Men: When asked what is my favorite character like in anything and of all time, my mind goes instantly to Rogue. I don't even know why I liked her so much when I was younger, but I first came to know of the X-Men in that cartoon show X-Men: Evolution (that I still love to this today if I'm being honest). She was this outsider who couldn't touch anyone. She felt disconnected and different, even from other mutants. Not to mention she wore a lot of dark purple and purple eye shadow and lip stick, which is my favorite color ever. That and she wears a lot of green, which I have actually started wearing a lot of... (coincidence??). She's also extremely pale kind of like me... I'm starting to see a weird amount of similarities between us, seeing how I also wear a lot of dark purple eye shadow as well... I feel like she was sort of antihero at first (another thing me and a friend were talking about, who was my first ever antihero) and I think it was Rogue. Obviously she ended up being a good guy and part of the X-Men, but she had a journey. She made mistakes and picked the wrong side and she had flaws and I think that's what makes her so relatable.
    Rogue in the X-Men trilogy

    The Rogue I grew up with
  2. Damon and Stefan Salvatore from TVD: I couldn't choose between the two because I love them both equally. They both are so complex and multi-faceted. Throughout the whole eight seasons they took turns being the bad brother and/or the villain and sometimes they happened to be on the same team. Both of them good or both of them bad. But I think what I love about them and the show in general really, is the overarching theme of redemption. The very last season was all about whether these characters would find peace, whether they deserved peace and redemption. They're both equal parts sarcastic and funny, while also being deeply flawed and despite being vampires, are very human in their mistakes and problems.  
    My faves!!
  3. Elena Gilbert from TVD: I honestly love all of the characters of TVD equally, but I chose Elena because she's the main character and I do and did relate to her a lot. It's not so much what I love about her, but how much I related to her. The whole show started off with her writing in her diary. Writing. I love writing. She was writing about how she would smile and everyone would believe she was OK after her parent's death. She was sad and kind of broken after something so tragic and fundamental shook her world. Not to mention she's a furiously protective and loving big sister (another thing I can relate to). I started watching that show when I was having frequent panic attacks and depression. I felt really horrible about everything and had a new diagnosis that shook my world, making me feel a lot like how Elena felt. But throughout the show she made me realize that life went on and you could heal and everything would be alright. That things would get better and that we need to treasure the good times in the middle of the bad times because those good times, no matter how small or fleeting give us hope (Stefan's words not hers but still, it counts).
    Today will be different...
  4. Sophie Foster from Keeper of the Lost Cities: Uph, I get all nostalgic when I think about Sophie and the Keeper series. I started reading this series when I was fourteen!! I feel like I was just a little kid! I didn't know anything. Yes I had anxiety, but it wasn't bad. I didn't have depression. I was so oblivious to a lot of things... and I didn't have to worry or feel anxious or depressed. Sophie went through a lot with me and Shannon Messenger seriously created a life long fan seeing how I'll be twenty in March and still going strong with my love for this series. Sophie was just a little twelve year old heroine with magical powers. I love her so much because she was awkward and kind of stutter-y and "childish" for a twelve year old. She slept with a blue stuffed elephant and was terrified of the doctors (totally relatable to me). And now six years later in book six she's this fifteen year old, strong, powerful heroine elf girl who's been through a lot and yet still sleeps with her blue stuffed elephant and is still awkward sometimes and asks stupid questions that she should know the answers to. I still love her so much.
    The whole crew!!
  5. Loki from Thor/Avengers: *sigh* I debated whether to put him on this list and then I was like yeah... I have to. Look I know he's a bad guy and a villain, but for reals, he's just misunderstood! You know how I met one of my best friends at youth group in church? We bonded over our shared love for Loki and then exchanged emails and it's been uphill ever since. I can't even give like a good explanation as to why I like him so much. He's complex and complicated and truly walks on the rope between good and evil. He has ulterior motives and I love the complexity and love he has in his relationship with Thor. Loki was also kind of an outsider and felt different from everyone else (I think I'm starting to see a pattern here... I blame the fact that I'm a Four and we tend to feel different and like outsiders). I'm seriously rooting for the redemption arc they started in Ragnarok to come full circle in Infinity Wars. I want Loki to be redeemed and to be brothers with Thor again and be a good guy and all that good stuff.
    Did I mention his sarcasm??
  6. John Murphy from The 100: I can't really relate to this guy... He's a real jerk in the first season (and the second season?? I'm not sure...?) But we're going to be in what? Season 5 next year and I love him. He's a true antihero. He looks out for himself and I think the best thing the writers ever did was give him Emori to look out for as well. It gave him a redeemable quality. He doesn't take crap from anyone and he was seriously one of the only people in like season 3 that didn't buy into Jaha's chip thing and all that. He saw right through that. I like him because he's unpredictable, an antihero, and extremely complex.  
    Seriously, one of the most frustrating scenes in the whole show!
  7. Remy Lebau (Gambit) from the X-Men: Gambit!! He goes hand in hand with Rogue. In my opinion you can't love Gambit if you don't love Rogue and you can't love Rogue if you don't love Gambit. You're straight up crazy if you don't love them together and ship them hard. Again, another villain, though I suppose it depends on the version and the comics and movies and stuff. The X-Men have gone through so many different phases... But the gist is, he's typically seen as a villain or at least an antagonist, thief and/or con man in the comics and movies. I mean, his whole character identity is rooted in the fact that he is a thief. You can't have a Gambit who didn't come from the Thieves Guild. He's so complex and his power is awesome and he's just an awesomely amazing character. I seriously cannot think of a better way to describe why I love him.
    The Gambit I grew up with
    Wolverine Origins Gambit
  8. Bellamy Blake from The 100: I'm really surprised how many 100 characters ended up on this list... But I knew Bellamy had to be on here. Again. He started off as a jerk. Not as much of a jerk as Murphy, but pretty close. Throughout the seasons though he's redeemed himself and him and Clarke have grown really closed. I shipped them from the very beginning and the whole Wanheda season was torture!! But I'm super excited that Bellarke is happening this coming season! :D He's furiously loyal and protective of his little sister. He's clever and a born leader and follows his heart. I love how Clarke and him compliment each other. He leads by his heart while Clarke leads by intellect and logic. Again, he's such a complex and multifaceted character that shouldn't be underestimated.
    His "catch phrase"
  9. Clarke Griffin from The 100: Clarke! You know, as I was making this list, besides Rogue, it took a lot of thought to come up with female characters I thoroughly like. Mostly because in modern society, writers try way too hard to make female characters as tough and strong as possible. They're either strong and tough and don't show a lot of weakness or there's just something about them that rubs me the wrong way. Or they have the Buffy Complex (in other words they think they're better and stronger than everyone else because their "special" and are all about girl power). Just to be clear, I like Buffy too, especially in the last season when she finally showed some flaws and weakness, but anyways, back to Clarke. I feel like she's so unique as a female character because she thinks more logically and with her head. She isn't the typical female leader who thinks with her heart. She's very driven and smart and resourceful and she defends and protects her friends with everything she has. On several occasions she's risked everything to save the people she cares about and to the save the world. And never once did she get a big head about it.
  10. Mibs Beaumont from Savvy: This takes me back to my middle school days. I listened to the audiobook of Savvy in a day. Mibs (short for Mississippi) was the protagonist of a coming of age story. I loved it because she was so sweet and kind of awkward and unsure about being a teenager. In her family when one turns thirteen they get a power. On her birthday she couldn't figure out what her power was, and it took a whole road trip and coming of age journey to realize what it was. She was just so sweet and kind and a great middle sister. I think I related to her especially because she came from a big, slightly chaotic and messy family.
As I said with Loki, I think I see a reoccurring theme. The loner or outcast who feels different from everyone else. That or their awkward or misunderstood. All of which I can relate to and I know how that feels. But relatable-ness aside, I love redemption stories. I think its because those stories of redemption, when a character who is so flawed and has done so many bad things is finally forgiven and turns their life around and is redeemed, gives me and I'm sure others hope and right now we could use some hope in this world. As a Christian I am flawed and I make mistakes and I'm messy, but I am redeemable only through Jesus Christ. He saved me on the cross and I believe in Him and His word and that he carried my sins on the cross so I wouldn't have to bear that pain. Jesus Christ gives me my hope for this world and is my redeemer. Without Him I would be just as messed up and broken as all of these characters above. With Him, I know I am flawed, I'm human, none of us are perfect, but I have hope for the future and I can rely on him in all times of need and when I ask for forgiveness sincerely He grants it to me. I think that's what I see in redemption stories in any genre and in any form of storytelling. Even if they aren't explicitly Christian, I still see that hope and it reminds me of Jesus Christ, the Savior and the Redeemer and through Him I'm not an outcast or a loner. I'm part of His family and His church, which means I will never truly be alone or without support.

That got all serious there, but I just think it's so cool how redemption arcs work. They're seriously awesome and amazing. Maybe that's why I'm never truly satisfied with the cookie cutter big bad who is irredeemable because then they feel sort of flat and non-multidimensional to me... But so yeah, those are my top ten favorite characters and why I love them/relate to them. I hope you all have a great, productive and/or calming, peaceful weekend! :D

What are some of your favorite characters and why are they your favorite?


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