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Weapon Icean and the Enneagram

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all have a great tomorrow with lots of yummy food and friends and family! Last night I went to my first ever Friendsgiving and it was a lot of fun! So now I'm ready for more yummy food tomorrow.
Yep, I found a TVD thanksgiving gif. I'm just that good ;)

But for today, I want to sort all of the important characters of Weapon Icean into Eneagram number! Before I do that today, I wanted to say, I got to 42,000 words in Project Khione! For a while there I really thought I would fall behind and I didn't think I would catch up and get to the 50,000 words by the end of November, especially since I was hitting a rut in the book and in my writing in general. So, I tried something that I've never really tried before. I skipped the in-between scenes that are necessary to get from point A to point B, and went straight to a big plot point and that really got me back on track. Seeing how this book has given me such a hard time, I'm thinking I might just skip to all the major plot points and then fill in the in-between scenes during revision. I think that strategy will keep me on track and keep me excited and going in this book. So yeah, I'm super excited that I actually caught up and got ahead!! Everyone else doing Nanowrimo, whether your ahead or behind, you got this! There's still plenty of time to get those words in!

And now to Weapon Icean and my characters and the awesomeness of the Enneagram!

Young Protectors:

  • Liam (AKA Boy Wonder) A Three: A natural born leader with a strong moral code. He sees the world in a very black and white way. Is task oriented and is very into his image and success as the golden boy of the Young Protectors.
  • Hailey (AKA Clairvoyant) A Nine: For some reason Hailey was really hard! I had it narrowed down to a Nine, a Two, and a Seven. She's high energy and enthusiastic like a Seven, but caring and helpful like a two, but also can see everyone's point of view and is kind of the peacemaker of the group like a Nine. I decided on a Nine because despite her being very bubbly and enthusiastic and helpful and caring like a Two, I feel like her core is to keep the peace and is pretty down to earth and people feel comfortable and settled around her.
  • Asher (AKA Burnout) A Seven: Boisterous, loud, and excitable, he enjoys life and doesn't take anything too seriously. He tries to live in the present and doesn't want to look back at his past pains or too far into the future.
  • Wolf A Nine: Very peaceful and quiet and calm. He can see everyone's point of view, but usually doesn't say anything despite being very insightful and watchful.
  • Julian (AKA Phantom):A One: He's like the perfect example of a One. He's a perfectionist, highly motivated and has a strong sense of purpose. Julian is ethical and reliable and dedicated. A character can't get more One than him.
  • Delphi (AKA Khione) An Eight: Another natural born leader, but in a different way than a Three. Three's are leaders through appearance and success. Eights are leaders simply through how they act and the aura they give. Powerful and strong and assertive. Determined and stubborn. Very task oriented and hardworking with high energy and is very strong willed and I passionate about fairness and justice.
  • Maggie A Two: Maggie was a bit harder. At first I had her as a Four and you would think me being a Four, I would know a Four when I saw one. But then as I wrote more of her in book 2, since she wasn't in book 1 a ton, I realized how caring and compassionate and kind she is. She drops everything to help her friend despite the consequences and that sounds an awful lot like a Two.
Tremble's Team:

  • Tremble An Eight: As I was numbering my characters I found it interesting that Tremble, who Delphi was opposed to in book 1, is also an eight. He's assertive and strong and gives off a very powerful, strong willed aura. He's a natural born leader and gets the job done while also being high energy and confidant and passionate about fairness and justice.
  • Blizzard A Six: A six is called the Loyalist and I couldn't think of a better term for Blizzard. He's stood by his best friend (Tremble) through thick and thin and never left his side. If he wasn't on the "villains" side he would be an amazing hero. He's courageous and reliable and prepared, but his best and brightest quality is his loyalty.
  • Kitty A Seven: Again, Kitty was a hard one... But I finally settled on Seven because she's very high energy and never takes anything too seriously. She doesn't do pain or sensitive. Kitty just wants to have fun and let go, even when she's in the middle of a battle against a bunch of heroes.
  • Riley (AKA Eros) A Three:  Riley was hard too. I had him as a seven, but then realized that that isn't him. He's not a straight up three. I see him more as a Three with a Two wing. They're people oriented and can be helpful, socially adept, tuned into others and charming, or when they're unhealthy they can be possessive, flattering and manipulative. I see all of those qualities in him and so I decided on the three.

So there you go! My characters and their Enneagram numbers! It took a lot of thought, but I think these are all pretty accurate. What do you guys think? And have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow!!


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