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January Writing Update!

Hi everyone! So today is sort of a slow/weird day for me so I'm just going to give you guys an update on what's going on in my writerly life.

Weapon Icean is published as I'm sure you all know. It was a super exciting and long process that was so worth all the time and effort. Right now its up on for 12.00 and Kindle for 4.99. You can also get it on Kindle Unlimited so make sure to check that out. Also I just set it up for a countdown promotion but it has to be on KDP Select for at least 30 days before it can get that free promotion so it's set to start February 15th! February 15th it'll be $0.99. February 16th it'll be $1.99. On the 17th it'll be $2.99 and on the 18th it'll be 3.99. It ends February 19th so keep an eye out for that and I'll make sure to update my blog, Instagram, Facebook and all that to remind you guys. ;) It's my first promotion so I'm pretty excited to see what happen!

Weapon Icean 2 which I am calling Project Khione right now is underway. I finished the first draft for my 2016 Nanowrimo and I've gotten most all the revisions done and now I'm just figuring out the editing (which isn't my strong suit). Right now it's at 337 pages and 90,044 words which is a lot compared to the first one. I've had a blast writing it though. Sequels are hard but their also very exciting because the first book is just meeting the characters, the second book is getting to know them. And the third book? I am psyched and can't wait for that one! I have so many plans and I can't to see where Delphi and her friends take me. It'll be out and ready for reading probably later this year. Possibly way later like November or December so I'm really hoping I can get it out earlier. I'll keep you guys posted.

Tales of the Lonely, my short story collection is being looked at by a friend who's way better at grammar and editing than I am. It might take a little while to get back but it'll be worth the wait. I'm hoping to get that one published this year too. Possibly April-May and honestly I'm kind of giddy about coming up with a cover for this one since it holds four short stories all set in the same fantastical world with some seriously awesome characters (if I do say so myself).

Right now though, while I figure out Project Khione I'm in the middle of writing a book that does not have a name. I really need to come up with one though or at least something to call it other than the gypsy/vampire WIP. I have clocked in a lot of time researching the Roma gypsies and its been fun and interesting. I'm still only on the first draft and not even to the middle yet... these characters are taking their own sweet time figuring out what they want and what they don't want in their stories. But I'm super excited about this WIP and I plan for it to be a duology, so there'll be most definitely be a sequel which I am equally excited to write. (I'll probably end up making a whole post on my Roma gypsies/vampire findings from my research cuz I found some pretty interesting things).

And for now that's about it. That's everything that is going on. My brain is kind of full and so is my writing plate. There's also the fact that I'm taking a mandatory English class, Archaeology and Anthropology this semester which is super interesting and fun but also a lot to do. That and get ready for a whole lot of Disney pictures in February! :)
Cuz Disney haha

That's it for now. Hope you all have a great week! I may or may not post on Friday. It may be too busy to get a post up.

What's your current WIP right now? 


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