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A Letter to All the Creatives Out There

To all of you creatives whether your gamers, writers, musicians or artists. You are awesome, you are wonderful and you are not alone.
It's been my experience that having a community, especially a creative community that you fit into is essential for a creative person. Me and my mom had this long talk the other night about why it is so hard for me to find people I connect to, people that share my interests or straight up don't look at me funny when I go on and on about character development, plot twists and my obsession with fictional characters. 

I'm writing this post so that you know that your not alone when you feel isolated or weird for being a very creative, very imaginative person. We creatives are a rare breed and it can be so hard for find another one of us where we live. I have exactly one friend who's a fellow writer that I have found where I live. I haven't been able to find another at my college group or anywhere else! And that can be so isolating. 

You think, am I really weird because I write all day, live in my own fantasy world twenty-four/seven and think of book and TV show characters as more real than fictional? Why doesn't anyone else see the things I see or think the things I think? What do they do with their lives all day if they don't have a book to write or read or a TV show to watch and think about? That question just baffles my mind. How can someone live without having a creative and imaginative release from life because as writers or gamers or readers that's what we search for. We read, game and write to get away from reality because we realize that reality kind of sucks. There's normally no true love in our realities, no happily ever afters, no dragons or superheroes or vampires to save the day. 

I would be a very depressed girl if I couldn't escape reality because sometimes I just can't deal with all the crap in my life and I need to disappear into a world where the main character can sweep me away and save me from my own life. 

And truth be told it's been my observation that a lot of us creatives have some sort of difference from the rest of the people we come into contact on a day to day basis. Some of us have anxiety, others depression (or both like me) while others may have a physical condition. And the one thing that helps us to stay positive and not get sucked into how much it hurts to be so different mentally or physically is to sit down and read or write or game. 

We need these flawed characters to show us that it's okay to be flawed. We all have flaws and sometimes they can be our secret weapons, a good thing in disguise. Our characters show us that yeah reality stinks and yeah we're different from others and not just because we're creatives but that all of that's ok. That you can be the hero or heroine in your own story and make a difference in your life. And sometimes we just need the characters to save us instead of empowerment us and that's ok too. 

This post has come from a deep place inside of me, a place of insecurity because it's always been hard for me to find friends or to fit in. I'm not a fashionista or a sporty person. I'm not a foodie or just a regular old college student. I wear Disney shirts and fandom shirts. I'd rather sit and talk about the latest episode of Supergirl or one of my other TV shows than talk about the world today or politics. I carry two journals with me everywhere along with my latest read. I'm quiet because often times I'm more of a shadow to people than anything else. I write obsessively and am always, always thinking about my writing, about my characters and about my plots. Not a lot of people share my interests and not a lot of people care to ask me about them. 

But you know what? I'm okay with that. It's taken me a while but I can handle being different from the rest of society if that means I get to live permanently in a world of fantasy and imagination. 

I know this is a long post and I could probably keep on going all day about this topic because I'm a rambler but I won't. 

I guess I'll just end by letting all of you creatives know that your not alone in feeling different, feeling isolated or awkward, weird, mad or odd. You see the world through a unique lense that few people possess. You see magic and goodness and stories in the smallest things and that is a great and wonderful gift that the world needs more of. 

Your a gamer, a writer, a reader or a TV show addict and that is ok. You need a break reality because you see all the problems of the world and they break your heart. 

There are others like you! It just takes some time to find them! And for you writers if you can't find a good community or any cooky, awesome people like you I would suggest going on Facebook to the Go Teen Writers group because that is a seriously awesome community of writers who are just like you and me. 

I think it is only fit to finish this post with a quote from Alice in Wonderland because truthfully Lewis Carroll was a mad writer genius and I look up to him and his writings so much.

Are we bonkers or mad? Yes we absolutely are and that's ok because all the best people are.
 I hope you all have a wonderfully awesome rest of the week and I have just a quick blog update. I'm planning on doing book reviews on Friday so look out for those. :)
What do you think of this topic? What sets you apart from the crowd and do you have any good creative communities that you've found?


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