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Ushering in the New Year

I haven't been writing on here for a while. Life got in the way and I got completely distracted and I also had a bit of writers block when it came to the blog. 

But with the new year comes new resolutions and new inspiration. Starting with the blog. I've changed it all up and given it a different name and everything. 

Why the new name? I've wanted to change it for a while and I thought it was about time to flip everything around. And also from here on out the blog will be about more than just writing. I want to cover TV shows, movies, and life while also sharing my passion for reading and writing. 

I also have a brand new planner from Christmas that I am dying to use from my book writing to college work to blog posts. I'm super excited for the new year and can't wait to get going on the blog. 
I've decided to post every Wednesday so I hope you'll come back for more. 

For now though I want to kick off the new blog with a post about my new resolutions list style: 

1. I've done a lot of research over 2015 and really prayed about publishing a book and I think 2016 is the year for that. My first new year resolution is to self-publish my WIP Weapon Icean and I'm hoping to get it out there around Febuary-ish. :) 

2. Spend more time praying. My prayer journal has been on and off but I wan to change that. This year I want to start a schedule of getting some more alone time with God and just pray and talk to Him.

3. Read all the books on my TBR list... Could be a challenge but I think I can do it. :);) 

4. See Gambit (an up coming X-Men movie about well... Gambit haha) in theaters which would be HUGE for me since I am a giant fan of all things X-Men and it would be my first X-Men movie that I see in theaters. 

5. And last but certainly not least spend more time outside and not in my bedroom twenty-four seven. That includes hanging out with my friends and family more.
Anyways, I can't wait for the New Year which is just two days away! I'm ready for 2016! Though I am a little reluctant to turn 18. That seems sort of surreal. :o 

What are some of your new year resolutions? And your favorite memory of 2015?? 


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