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Friday Musings #4

Happy Friday!

What even happened this week...? I'm drawing a major blank on most of what happened at the beginning of this week haha.

There was lots of classwork on Monday and Wednesday. Some stress was involved haha. There's been some figuring out class stuff for the Summer, even though Spring semester just started! But that's college for you I guess... Or more college for me, who's an over-planner and over-achiever and likes to have class stuff nailed down as soon as possible.

Oh, yes, the dentist happened on Monday. Considerable stress and anxiety was also involved in that. Turns out, I may have an infection in one of my teeth, I have three cavities and a wisdom tooth that is starting to grow into the tooth next to it. So that was fun...

There's been quite a bit of anxiety this week. I don't know if it's really been over anything in particular. I think it's just been an accumulation of stuff going on and stuff I've been thinking about. Also... I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I've gotten to the point where I'm super aware of my anxiety. Like, I guess that's a healthy thing, the fact that I'm now very aware of what is making me anxious (most of the time, sometimes there's no reason for it at all) and the fact that I can tell my irrational anxiety apart from actual rational stress. It's very weird and hard to manage in a new way. But a friend of my mom's was so sweet and made us these two concoctions of essential oils for anxiety that I've been using a lot and I think it's been helping. At least making a dent in it.

I started Deuteronomy this week! I'm seriously loving my time in the Word every morning. For a long time, I tried to do my Bible time in the evening but I would always get tired or distracted or very unmotivated. I never thought I would be the morning Bible study kind of person, but here I am and it's working great.

I hit 70,000 words in Golden Touch! And I got to introduce the villain, whom I love very much. He's the most grounded and rational and human villain I've ever written. His motives make total sense and are the kind that you can relate to. Like you get why he's doing what he's doing and I love that. Villains that I can relate to or understand are my favorites, so to get to write one like that is pretty fantastic. I also love that he used to be best friends with one of my "good guy" characters. They know each other so well and have such great history and chemistry. This is the kind of bad guy-good guy relationship I've wanted to write for a long time, so it's so fun to finally get to do that in this book.

Edits for Cursed have continued this week. I started plugging in my comments and changes from my read through this week. It's slow going, but I'm OK with that. My goal for Cursed this month was to get the read through done by the end of January and I did that, so it's all good. I feel like I'm finally making good, concrete progress on this story.

Yesterday, I got to hang with my best friend and talk about favorite characters and what draws a person to certain characters... It was really fun and interesting to talk and think about. I also got a lot of class stuff done yesterday so maybe, hopefully, I'll have the weekend to myself with no school work to do.

I don't have to babysit this week so I'm getting some extra writing and editing in today!

I'm also going to be going to a super bowl party Sunday night. I don't really care about football or the super bowl at all, but there will be food and hanging out is always a nice thing. The last time I went to a super bowl party it was actually pretty fun, so hopefully this one will be as fun too.

What about you? How'd your week go? Are you a fan of football??


  1. Ouch, sorry about the dentist trip! I'll be praying about that and that your anxiety eases!

    I love how excited you are about your Bible reading! I've always been a morning Bible study person, but it really motivates me to see someone getting into it like you are, reminding me that it is an exciting time to spend with God and not just another part of my routine that's been there for years. : )

    Understandable villains are the only good villains, lol. Kidding, but I do agree with you that my personal favorite villains are the ones whose motivations actually makes sense and whom you can kind of relate to and feel for. And the idea of a good guy-bad guy past relationship? Love it!

    Hope you had fun at the Superbowl party! I'm not into football myself, but my brothers and dad are, so I generally hear a good deal about it.


    1. Thank you! I appreciate it! :)

      Well I'm glad I can be an encouragement to you in that. Honestly, there are still some days where it does feel a bit like a routine, but more days than not, I genuinely enjoy starting my day in the Word. :)

      Haha yes, I totally agree! It makes them feel more real, more human and I like that. Yes! I love those good guy-bad guy relationships, so I'm so excited to write my own. :b

      Thank you! I'm not big into football either, but it was fun hanging out with friends and watching the commercials and eating good food haha

  2. Sounds like some great productivity! I hope your dental care goes well. Dental appointments cause me a lot of anxiety too. >.< I hope the SuperBowl party went well! I'm a football fan either. XD

    1. Thank you! Yes! Dental appointments are not fun! I hope you had a good weekend as well, whether you watched the superbowl or not haha


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