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Looking Forward to 2018

Oh my gosh! Are we really at 2018 already?! This feels crazy... Like crazy, crazy. Two new Star Wars movies have come and gone, the Stranger Things craze began two years ago, we're months instead of years away from the Infinity Wars! Like seriously, this is just crazy. 2018 will be full of lots of fun and exciting things, even though, to be honest, I'm kind of nervous about what's going to happen this year, but here are a few things that I'm excited for in 2018: Sad and excited for the last season of The Originals. Now it truly will be the end of the TVD era for me. :( Avengers: Infinity Wars. I'm pretty sure every Marvel fan has that date set on their calendars this year. The Incredibles 2. How could I forget that?? That is going to be epic!! They better not mess it up!! X-Men Dark Phoenix comes out and I am so excited for this! I hope they do it well! I turn twenty this year. Which is scary, but also exciting in a way... I guess?? Twenty feels kin

2017 in Review

Hey everyone! I haven't posted a bunch since I've been sick with the flu and then Christmas season was busy and I honestly just haven't gotten around to any blog posts. But, it's the end of the year. 2018 is within sight, just a couple of days away and I'm kind of freaking out a little bit. I've never really been nervous about a new year, but for some reason I'm nervous about this year. For now though, here's my 2017 in review! 2017 Writing: This year was a very good writing year. me all year I feel like I grew a lot this year as a writing. Since writing and publishing Weapon Icean, I've done a lot of practicing. I wrote a lot of short stories at the beginning of the year that I think really helped strengthen my writing in general. And I mean, seriously, I'm a published author! Weapon Icean is one years old this year!! How crazy is that?! Not to mention, I published my second book and my first short story collection Of Magic and Mayhem wh

Books of 2017 and Books in 2018

First of all, Merry Christmas Eve!! I had planned to blog more last week but then I came down with the flu and was out for a few days. I'm just now starting to feel better so I thought I'd better start on my yearly wrap up. Tomorrow is Christmas and I hope you all have a fun, relaxing day with family or friends or both. This year, reading started out kind of slow. I was in a reading rut at the beginning of the year and it took a while to get back into a good book. Some people can just read, read, read whereas I'm crazy picky about the books I read which means I love books. I'm a writer and I do read, but I don't read as often as most writers/readers because I'm super picky about what books I can get into. I have a very specific taste in books (TV shows too) so when I get into a reading rut the only way for me to get out of it is if a book from my favorite author is coming out. Which only happens like once a year... so there's that. But anyways, here are

The Idea of Celebration

So this morning I didn't feel a lot like celebrating... My brother was up all night puking and I really didn't want to get the flu (and still don't) and plans had to change because he has the flu. I was pretty bummed, not to mention I still had one more exam looming over my head But it's almost 4 P.M. now. I finished my final exam and today is Weapon Icean's book birthday. I'm pretty sure I posted that on all of my social media accounts because I'm just so excited. It's a big accomplishment. And right now, honestly, I feel like celebrating. There's a lot to celebrate this time of year. The birth of Jesus, Christmas, snow! There are Christmas parties and family get togethers and yummy food and presents. Not to mention the New Year. But today I feel like there are a few other things I want to celebrate. This semester was particularly rough. I took interpersonal communications and art history and you would think they wouldn't be that hard, but

My Top Ten Favorite Characters and Why I Love Them

Hey everyone! I haven't done a Friday in Review in a while and this technically isn't a Friday in Review, but this was a subject I was talking about with a friend the other day and thought it would make a good blog post. Some of the names that ended up on this list honestly surprised me, though it doesn't surprise me that half of them are from TV shows. I love books, but I've turned into more of a TV fan lately. So here are my top ten favorite characters and why I love them and/or how I relate to them: Rogue from the X-Men: When asked what is my favorite character like in anything and of all time, my mind goes instantly to Rogue. I don't even know why I liked her so much when I was younger, but I first came to know of the X-Men in that cartoon show X-Men: Evolution (that I still love to this today if I'm being honest). She was this outsider who couldn't touch anyone. She felt disconnected and different, even from other mutants. Not to mention she wore a l

Why I've Decided Not to Rush To Publish My Books

Hey!! Happy December!! So far December has been sort of busy for me, lots of finals and a paper and extensive study guide. A lot of work to be done... and it hasn't given me a ton of time to write. But that's Ok because next week is my last week then I get a break before Spring semester!! And there's only like... 3-4 weeks till Christmas!! :D Anyways, I've been thinking a lot about the subject of self-publishing and publishing in general. To be honest, my books haven't sold a ton... I think that's a mixture me not promoting them enough and not being well known in the least bit. It's hard to do all of it yourself, but honestly I think I would feel constrained if I were to be traditionally published. I like being in control of my books and covers and everything, even though it would be great to have someone else help with the marketing. Not to mention editors are expensive. But besides those points, I've decided to go slower on my books. Take more time

November Wrap-UP

Hey everyone! So I completely missed the last day of November... It was a crazy day and its been a crazy week... But! Happy December! We've started out advent calendar, neighbors have their Christmas lights up, our mini village is almost completely set up and Christmas music is everywhere. The best time of the year! November Writing: November was Nanowrimo as I'm sure most of you know! I hope you all made it to your target word count and/or finished the draft of whatever book you were writing. This Nanowrimo was sort of difficult for me. I fell behind a few times. Project Khione is a hard book to write! But I was determined to get it done and now I have a 53,000 word first draft that I think I can work with. It's going to take some time, but I think I can turn it into something even better than the first book. Also, halfway through I started working on a plot bunny. I needed something to stretch my creativity and give me something else to focus on so I'm working on

Weapon Icean and the Enneagram

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all have a great tomorrow with lots of yummy food and friends and family! Last night I went to my first ever Friendsgiving and it was a lot of fun! So now I'm ready for more yummy food tomorrow. Yep, I found a TVD thanksgiving gif. I'm just that good ;) But for today, I want to sort all of the important characters of Weapon Icean into Eneagram number! Before I do that today, I wanted to say, I got to 42,000 words in Project Khione! For a while there I really thought I would fall behind and I didn't think I would catch up and get to the 50,000 words by the end of November, especially since I was hitting a rut in the book and in my writing in general. So, I tried something that I've never really tried before. I skipped the in-between scenes that are necessary to get from point A to point B, and went straight to a big plot point and that really got me back on track. Seeing how this book has given me such a hard time, I'm t

Friday in Review: The Inhumans

I haven't done one of these in forever! This one is sort of a shorter one cuz I'm pretty tired and feeling kind of light headed, but I really wanted to get a blog post written, so that's why it's a shorter post.  There have been a few shows that I've finished, mainly 12 Monkeys and Being Human that I still have to do reviews on, but today I wanted to go for something that's fresher in my mind. If your a superhero/Marvel fan, especially of their TV shows, then you know the Inhumans. The reviews have been scattered and I'll admit, it's wasn't the strongest show I've ever seen, but what do you get from giving ABC a cast of Marvel characters? ABC does dramas very well. I really liked Switched at Birth, up until the last season which got kind of crazy and I just stopped watching... And Once Upon A Time only did so well because of Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, and that's show is going downhill fast. I watched the first two episodes and then